Here is an overview of the exciting projects we were working on last year. We had been looking at two main aims:

Aim 1

To raise attainment in level 2 students by developing an effective mastery model of intervention which fosters a positive mind-set by increasing learner confidence.

  • We offered mind set training to all our staff both maths and across college as well as to our Network Partners
  • From the training we were able to trial anxiety reducing techniques such as deep breathing exercises, listening to the sounds of the classroom and even sweet chewing, all of which had a positive impact on our students
  • We offered out of class intervention to all students irrespective of their level of maths focussing on breaking questions down and confidence building
  • For our in class students, intervention took the form of using manipulatives to scaffold student understanding of Fractions and Ratio

Aim 2

To develop an effective technology based delivery model that adds value to learning and supports learners to develop a growth mind-set to enable them to gain insights into mathematical concepts.

  • As with everyone, the consequences of Covid brought the necessity of delivering through technological means to the front of the teaching agenda.
  • We investigated the impact of teaching through technology on both teachers and students
  • We explored the use of online assessments that allowed for instant marking and more accessible feedback for all the students
  • We successfully trialled the use of online tutorials with a small number of students who had experienced anxiety at school

More information on the above as well as the exciting work done across the country can be found on our Achievements page

We are seeking to carry on the work already completed so that it can be made sustainable and robust enough to carry on improving the life chances of all maths Further Education students long after the original project has ended.

If you or your organisation would like to get involved, please complete the form on the partner page.